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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Healthy Spine for Wellness

Healthy Back. Healthy Life.    By Dr. Julie L. Lyles

One of the least understood but most important parts of the human body is the spine.  The spine is the lattice work and foundation for every other soft tissue and organ.  The spine is composed of 26 moveable segments.  Hear that?  Moveable! Each joint is angled in a certain way to provide optimal motion and optimal protection.  When loaded correctly and free of fixation, there is nothing more brilliant!   So, why such confusion?  Why such a lack of respect?  Why so little education on the value and importance of healthy joint mobility and postural balance?  Maybe it’s a lack of understanding of the complex simplicity of the spine and its care.When a child is born, she has 2 curves in her spine:  the mid-back and the sacrum.  As the child starts to get nosey, she lifts her head while on her belly and starts to develop the curve in her neck.  The forces that the back part of her neck feels is what triggers her body to pour calcium in the right places until the age of 25.  (Wolff's Law" of Physics states that bone models and remodels in response to the mechanical stresses it experiences so as to produce a minimal-weight structure that is 'adapted' to its applied stresses.”)  Later on, she gets a little more nosey and goes to all fours, dropping her belly with her head lifted up, developing the curve in her low back.  And, off she goes…through a stage of crawling, building necessary brain and body strength, and mechanical and neurological synchronization.  Then, only when she and her spine are ready, she will start to pull up, with ideally, a properly curved spine that has been fortified by normal instinctive motions and body positions.When the curves In the spine are not properly formed, as is becoming the norm due to a decrease in “belly-time,” walking too soon without first crawling, more sedentary lifestyles and of course, technology posture, the body reacts profoundly!  Look at the body this way, the back or posterior, is the foundational structure, whereas, the front or the anterior, is where all of the organs and pipes are that supply the body with nutrition and eliminate waste.  If you place the weight of your head, shoulders, and hips in the back and heels, you are correctly putting stress in the purposefully larger, denser bones intended to carry such weight and leaving the front to “flow.”  If you place the weight of the head, shoulders, and pelvis in the front, you are blocking flow of nerve supply, blood supply, and lymphatic supply and compressing all of your vital organs, ultimately leading to dysfunction and disease.  What are common symptoms of joint fixation and postural distortion?  Headaches, neck and back pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the upper and lower extremities.  Big deal?  Motrin or Tylenol can help you live with those symptoms, right?  Well, every seven years when the body remodels bone and every year when your organs try to replace their tissues, you are allowing dysfunction and disease to continue…until, of course, you get the symptoms that you can no longer cover up and no longer live with.  What are some conditions that are on the rise, linked to postural distortion and joint fixation: hypertension, migraine headaches, ADD/ADHD, sinusitis/allergies/asthma, reflux and GERD, osteopenia/osteoporosis, infertility, and constipation to name a few.  All of these conditions typically lead to a less active you.  The decreased motion in your body further accelerates the deterioration of the joints and the organs through fixation and stagnation.  What can you do?  Look at yourself and your family and notice if the center of your ear is close to the back of your neck and in line with your shoulders?  Are your shoulders lined up with your hips?  Are your hips lined up with your heels?  Do you have any of the aforementioned conditions and use a lot of over the counter medications? Do you have trouble turning your head or bending it forward, backward, or sideways?  Do you avoid bending over or leaning back? Have you become less active and accepted “feeling bad” as your norm?  Or, has disease set in?Seek out a health care professional whose specialty is the structure and function of the human form, one whose skills, through manual correction, proper education, and physical retraining can help restore your body to the strong balanced flowing structure capable of brilliant healing powers: The Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Julie L. Lyles
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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural method of health care with the proven ability to relieve back pain, increase vitality, and promote well-being. For over a century, doctors of chiropractic have successfully helped millions of individuals recover from spine-related health problems. As a result, chiropractic has earned its place as the largest drugless and non-surgical health care profession in the United States.

How does chiropractic work?

The human body possesses a natural ability to restore itself. This ability depends on a healthy nervous system. Life's events such as automobile accidents, sports injuries, repetitive work, and home stress are just some of the factors that can overwhelm the body's ability to adapt. The joints of the spine 'lock up' when these sorts of events occur, limiting range of motion. Spinal joint restriction and/or misalignment results in irritation and/or pressure at the spinal nerve.

Chiropractic care can correct these structural distortions, known as subluxations, restoring the body to its optimal form and function. Local symptoms of subluxations may include pain, tenderness, swelling, tingling, numbness, or spasm around the joints of the spine, back, and neck. Many times these sensations extend further into the shoulders and arms, around the rib cage, or into the hips and down the legs. Subluxations can even lead to headaches, stomach and digestive problems, and loss of overall health.

Impaired nerve coordination causes the whole body to suffer. Vital instructions flow between the brain and the body by way of spinal nerves. These instructions inform and direct the body as to when, where, and how it needs to heal itself. By irritating nerves, subluxations interfere with the essential brain/body exchange, thereby compromising the normal function of the body's organs and tissues. Chiropractic care clears the path for the body to maintain its own health.

How can a chiropractor help?

Doctors of chiropractic are specially trained in the evaluation and treatment of spinal conditions, which is why an increasing number of back pain sufferers are turning to them for fast, effective, and reliable care. Similarly, more and more hospitals and private practices are now working closely with doctors of chiropractic in order to ensure the best quality of care for patients who suffer from spine-related injuries and dysfunction.

The benefits of chiropractic care have also been shown to extend beyond reduction of back and
neck pain. In fact, chiropractic has proven itself as useful in the reduction of headache pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, jaw pain, sciatica, and tingling in the arms and legs. The rewards of chiropractic care are numerous. People under chiropractic care report better health and well-being and many families have realized the benefits of chiropractic care for their children.

Who should see a doctor of chiropractic?

Nerve interference can affect anyone, which is why people of all ages experience relief and improved health through chiropractic care. A qualified doctor of chiropractic will best determine the appropriateness of care for you or your family.

No method of health care has proven itself to be more
effective than chiropractic in helping those who suffer from back and neck pain. Doctors of chiropractic are the most highly qualified professionals in evaluating and caring for these, as well as many other health problems.

Is chiropractic safe?

YES. Its non-surgical, drug-free approach to health places chiropractic among the safest of all health care practices. Remember, chiropractic takes nothing out of the body and puts nothing in. As a result, chiropractors enjoy one of the lowest malpractice rates of all health care professionals.

How are doctors of chiropractic educated?

Like all primary health care providers, doctors of chiropractic undergo extensive education and training before becoming licensed professionals. Students begin by fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements, with a strong emphasis on the core sciences such as chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and physics.

The professional program leading to the Doctor of Chiropractic degree is very demanding. Chiropractic students continue their study of the sciences, including pathology and biochemistry, at a highly detailed level.

Their education continues into the advanced clinical sciences including orthopedics, neurology, examination procedures, differential diagnosis, and X-ray interpretation. During this entire process, aspiring doctors of chiropractic gain knowledge of the philosophy and practice of health care and chiropractic.

Doctors of chiropractic refine their technical adjusting skills in technique classes. During clinical internships student doctors perfect these skills.

Finally, all doctors of chiropractic must pass the rigorous
national board exams and state exams before entering the field.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Your initial visit will begin with a consultation. Your doctor will take a case history and ask about your present condition.

Next, the doctor will perform an examination to evaluate the nature of your problem. This examination generally includes a series of basic physical tests, as well as a specialized chiropractic evaluation of spinal movement and posture.

If necessary, your doctor may recommend X-rays or diagnostic tests to obtain further information about the mechanics of your spine and the details of your condition.

After completing the analysis, your doctor will explain your problem and map out an appropriate plan of action with you. If necessary, you may be referred to another health care specialist for further evaluation or treatment. Doctors of chiropractic work with a variety of health care professionals in the best interest of their patients.

Your doctor will discuss your care plan with you, taking into consideration your health habits, stress, and activity levels.

Over the course of your care, your doctor will monitor your individual response and may also recommend changes to your lifestyle, work environment, dietary, and exercise patterns.

How does chiropractic correct my spinal problems?

Following consultation and examination, a program of care will be designed and customized to your specific needs.  This program is centered around the chiropractic adjustment, a method of treatment unique to chiropractic, which corrects spinal subluxations and dysfunction. The primary goal of an adjustment is to improve spinal alignment and motion, thereby relieving nerve irritation, pressure, and pain.

You may feel immediate improvement after an adjustment, although most people experience gradual, progressive relief of symptoms. Since adjustments restore motion to previously locked joints, ligaments and tendons begin to stretch back to their normal length. This lengthening may cause slight muscle soreness similar to that brought on by rigorous exercise.  If you experience these sensations, be assured that within days you’ll likely be enjoying the benefits of improved spinal motion with less pain that results from a healthier spine. For the best results, follow  the plan that your doctor of chiropractic recommends for you.

How much chiropractic care will I need?

The number of visits you make to your chiropractor depends on the nature of your condition and your personal goals. Many people use chiropractic as part of a preventive health care routine, scheduling chiropractic appointments on a regular basis to keep their bodies functioning at their best. Others seek care and treatment for specific conditions with the primary goal of treatment being pain relief. It is important for you to discuss your objectives with your chiropractor in order to develop a treatment plan that works best for you.

Keep in mind, healing rates vary from person to person.
Children tend to respond more quickly to treatment, whereas adults and seniors may respond more slowly. A good rule of thumb is that the longer the spine has not been working properly, the more extensive the care plan may be to achieve desired results.

Is chiropractic care expensive?

Chiropractic has demonstrated itself to be one of the most cost-effective forms of care in all of the health care market. As with any product or service, fees vary by provider and location.

Many health care plans provide coverage for chiropractic care. Check with your benefits manager to find out what coverage you may have with your health plan. Also, talk with your prospective doctor of chiropractic to learn about your payment options. Many patients pay directly for care, as they discover chiropractic to be extremely cost-effective and affordable
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Here's what our patients are saying:

KL: Recently said that Chiropractic has helped her since the age of 15 (10 years ago) "sleep better" and makes her "healthier" and "happier."   She "love(s) Dr. Julie's comprehensive full body approach" and would describe her to family members: "LOVE HER! I love how personal and friendly she is! Her caring approach and attention to details---I love coming here!"    


LK: "Chiropractic care has shown me that I can do more---just because I am gettng older doesn't mean that I have to settle for a 'stiffer' or 'painful' life.  I can move my neck in all directions again! I have the confidence to try and do more things." I had dealt with my neck problems for "years---not knowing it didn't have to be that way."  The length of treatment when results were apparent was "2-3 visits---within 1 month I could move better!"  Dr. Julie practices by "caring for the whole patient; aggressive in her treatment plans, wanting her patients to feel better."  "I love that Dr. Julie also has a personal relationship with her patients. She knows who I am."


DS & Family: Chiropractic has helped me "significantly sleep better, eat better (be) more active with less physical pain or restrictions.  I feel younger, to be honest."  "I have recommended dr julie to friends and family. I enthusiastiacally endorse Chiropractic and dr julie, for the positive effect both have had in my life."  "The kind, consistent care and significant ongoing improvement in my overall health" is what has pleased me most at Chiropractic Solutions by dr julie.  My medication usage is now "no drugs anymore, only dr julie and Chiropractic Care."  My Chiropractic results were "immediate. I was in significant pain upon arrival, wincing with nearly every movement. (dr julie's) care and insturctions, thankfully allowed me to return to normal activities quickly."  When I/we describe dr julie, "my wife says it best---GENIUS!" "dr julie is not just my doctor, she is my friend."


CLH: My life with Chiropractic: "It has improved it so much I feel like I am on Cloud 9. I'm happier and I have more energy." Before coming to dr julie, I had seen "2 or 3 doctors and have taken high pain pills.  The treatments of other doctors did not help at all."  At Chiropractic Solutions by dr julie, "I have felt very welcome & comfortable."


JL: (dr julie's) "gentle prodding has caused me to exercise each night (a little!) and helped me to inderstand how strengthening my core is vital to continued mobility." Chiropractic "(is) the best! Amazing how getting an adjustment can make your entire next day better."  I had suffered with my low back problem for 2 weeks and it took about 4 visits to alleviate pain.  Luckily, I saw dr julie first.  "Dr. Julie is interested in the total person and (their) health and is my favorite doc!"


When I woke up tired, stiff and achy in the morning I blamed it on my mattress.  When my back, head and neck hurt at work I blamed it on my desk chair.  When I got tired of making excuses and feeling run down all the time I decided it was time to find a Chiropractor. 

I had had Chiropractic care in the past, and I knew the benefits of a good adjustment.  I also knew that not all chiropractic care is the same. 

After the first initial exam with Dr. Julie Lyles of Chiropractic Solutions by dr julie, I felt confident in her and her treatment plan.  I love the comfortable atmosphere of her office.  I feel like I'm going to visit an old friend instead of having an appointment to keep. 

Just from sitting in dr julie’s waiting room, I've noticed that she takes a real interest in all of her patients.  She takes the time to find out about you and what’s going on in your life.  She treats the whole person, not just the pain.

I had been to Chiropractors before, so I felt that I knew what to expect.  What I didn't expect was how quickly I experienced improvement.  Lots of improvement!  I first noticed the difference when I woke up in the morning.  Instead of feeling just as tired as when I went to bed, I was rested and refreshed.  I started noticing that I had more energy through the day and I wasn't getting headaches or a stiff neck at work.  It was hard to believe I had such a change after only six adjustments! 

I've been seeing dr julie for a couple of months now, and the biggest difference I've noticed is the energy I have again.  Instead of making excuses for not working out or being achy and tired, I'm getting back into my workout routine. 

Being on a computer all day at work was also taking a toll on my wrists and elbows.  I noticed an increase of mobility and decrease in tension after an upper extremity adjustment. 

Having a husband in the sports medicine/physical therapy field I knew some of the medical speak and dr julie gave me the feeling that she was very knowledgeable and competent.  I could also appreciate that if I had questions she could answer them in simple terms I could understand. 

I really love that she keeps you updated throughout your treatment and is constantly adjusting her treatment plan to your level of improvement and needs. 

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with some physical therapists, personal trainers, and other assorted speakers after a seminar my husband organized.  Honestly, I was bored stiff by all of their shop talk,  but when the top physician of a large national physical therapy clinic based in Cincinnati was taking a look at a trainer’s shoulder I was impressed to see that he used the same sort of assessment techniques as dr julie.  That should be enough for anyone having doubts about chiropractic treatment.

I just can't say enough good things about dr julie.  I would confidently recommend her to anyone I knew.  In fact I even mentioned her to a lady I met in line at the grocery store just last week! 


I can't thank Dr. Julie enough for the care she has given me.  It has really improved my quality of life. (Submitted by C.M.)

The first time Dr. Julie did an adjustment on my hip, I knew I had to track her down at her new practice and start receiving treatment from her.
I have had hip pain for about a year.  I was told it was bursitis and was given a cortisone shot---which did not help one bit. 
I've had neck pain that resonated through the muscles down the right side of my spine for over one year.  The lower back pain I had took a back seat to the hip and neck, but it was there.  I was pretty uncomfortable to say the least.
Within the first few visits with Dr. Julie, I was feeling about 75% better and by visit 12,
I was completely pain free...and a new woman!
I cannot say enough about the Chiropractic treatment I received from Dr. Julie.  I tell everybody about how I feel, and how she helped me.
Dr. Julie doesn't just adjust your spine.  She is kind and caring and spends time talking with you about your condition and pain and devises a plan specifically for you to address your unique problem with adjustments and a plan that may include stretches and exercises.

However, there are side effects:  Like the fact that I breathe better, which helps me sleep better and get more rest.  I had been told that poor breathing from inflamed sinuses were my problem of being tired all of the time.  NO MORE.  I am not tired and I actually feel more energized.  I stand straighter and feel thinner, and when I hike or walk, my hands don't swell anymore.

I HIGHLY recommend Chiropractic Care from Dr. Julie.  (Submitted by C.T.)

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